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Key Performance Indicators

Since 2020, Ekopak has saved 18 mio m³ of city water with its ‘Water-as-a-Service’ installations.

Water is at the core of our business and remains incredibly important. But linked to our water treatment, we also have an impact on some other key elements. To demonstrate how Ekopak creates value and carries sustainability within the company, we have focused on a number of key performance indicators (KPIs). Below we list some of our objectives, a detailed overview can be found in Ekopak’s integrated annual report.


m³ city water saved
since 2020


Ekopak Water Barometer

Through a biennial survey, we aim to measure awareness of water issues among employees of water-intensive companies. The water barometer shows their commitment, and to what extent they want to actively participate in initiatives to reduce their company’s water consumption. Our goal is to exceed the tipping point of 80%. A first survey was conducted in 2022. The water barometer now stands at 49%. Ekopak will continue to create awareness among the industry and work on strengthening the ‘sense of urgency’ and improving the knowledge.

Water Barometer

To what extend would you like to engage in initiatives to reduce your company’s water consumption. By 2030, we want to increase engagement to 81%.

Some of our key performance indicators

90% of Ekopak’s sources use less than 5% drinking water per liter of treated water by 2030

Achieve a 10% lower footprint of our
Installations by 2030: energy & consumables

Illustration hand with drop of water

Save 50 million m3 drinking water
by 2030 with our WaaS installations

Electric car illustration

100% electric car fleet by 2025

Illustration group of people

Positive eNPS score by 2025.
Between 2025 & 2030 the eNPS remains stable.

Illustration new Ekopak headquarters in Deinze

Ekopak new building will be
energy positive