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Water treatment techniques and methods

Ekopak offers the techniques and methods required to ensure optimum water quality at all times. Tailored to the quality of the feed water and the customer’s requirements, we supply the right chemicals, disinfection methods and customised water treatment equipment.


Our service engineers visit your company regularly to carry out analyses, and to advise and guide you in the pursuit of optimum water quality. We also supply and monitor the appropriate chemicals for internal water treatment.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of treatment products for boiler, cooling and other systems. These services and products can be combined with our 24/7 service for all purchased and customer-owned equipment.

Ekopak offers chemicals for internal water treatment to protect against corrosion and deposits for:

Steam boilers
Hot water and central-heating circuits
Drinking water circuits (anti-corrosion)
Cooling towers and cooling circuits

Disinfection methods

Today water disinfection is a must in many sectors. From drinking water to water for industrial applications, Ekopak offers a wide range of methods to disinfect your water. Following a thorough analysis of your requirements, we eliminate all pathogenic organisms using the appropriate technologies and products.

We also provide a complete solution against legionella and other types of microbiological contamination.

A. Chemical

  • Chlorine dioxide
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Ozone
  • Free chlorine

B. Mechanical

  • Ultra filtration
  • Nano filtration
  • UV

C. Mechanical and chemical combined

  • AOP advanced oxidation proces

Custom water treatment equipment

Ekopak specialises in industrial water treatment and offers the perfect solution for every industrial water application. We take care of the design, construction and optimisation of the following water treatment equipment:
  • Dosing stations: time, volume or quality control
  • Spraying systems: time, volume or quality control
  • Disinfection units: chlorination, UV, ozone
  • Online monitoring: acidity, conductivity, free chlorine, turbidity, flow rate, pressure, etc.
  • Water softeners
  • Decarbonisation
  • Demineralisation with ion exchangers
  • Reverse osmosis units
  • Filtration units: bed, micro, ultra and nano
  • Iron and manganese removal
  • Activated carbon filtration: adsorption of chlorine and organic substances
  • Physico-chemical and biological waste water stations
  • Disinfection, acidity
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