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Green energy and biogas valorization

Water REUSE has huge potential for sustainable energy production. Some industries produce waste with high concentrations of organic pollutants: as a result, they are able to generate biogas that fully meets the energy needs of their manufacturing facilities.

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Industrial companies are increasingly opting for Waste-to-Energy (WtE) or Energy-from-Waste (EfW). Biomass contains a diverse mix of waste from organic material and can function as a valuable source of renewable energy.

This can range from animal waste and plant material to agricultural waste and organic components of municipal and industrial waste.

Expertise in green energy

Green energy or renewable energy is generated from natural, renewable sources. The most well-known are wind and solar energy. But did you know that hydropower and biomass are also renewable sources?

Ekopak provides you with solutions for making the most efficient use of the energy produced from water processes. Global Water & Energy (GWE) has been operating as part of Ekopak Sustainable Water since 2023. GWE is a specialist in solutions for treating industrial wastewater and producing green energy.

Biogas valorization

Converting biomass into energy reduces your company’s carbon footprint, as well as its reliance on fossil fuels. This is made possible through biogas recovery. When this process is carried out under controlled conditions, the biogas produced can be captured safely and used.

Biogas burners

Take advantage of GWE’s more than 30 years of practical experience in the application of biogas as a fuel. Our biogas burner modifications are adjusted in such a way that all of the biogas produced is used as fuel at all times. This is done without the use of a gasholder – which is expensive and dangerous.

GWE also provides burners and boiler adaptations needed to use the biogas produced in single and multiple fuel set-ups.

Types of biogas flares

GWE offers four different types of flare:

  • Elevated Flare of Candlestick-Type: simple, inexpensive flare with free, visible, ‘raised’ flame.
  • Shielded Flare: mainly concealed flame inside a ‘shield’.
  • Ground or ‘Enclosed’ Flare: a flare where the flame burns inside a stainless steel chimney. An invisible flame, two-step ignition and high-temperature combustion are key features. When strict emission levels are required, a ground flare should be used.
  • Portable Flare: portable flare installed in a container or mounted on a skid for portability.
Generators for green energy

Biogas can be used as fuel in electric generators consisting of a standard biogas-adapted diesel engine and an alternator. These types of power generators are available in different power ratings, from small units of less than 100 kW up to as much as 1700 kW.

You’ll find more information about biogas valorization on the GWE website.


Is biogas valorization and the production of green energy a solution for your company?

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