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Sustainable water treatment

Ekopak offers a specialized range of industrial water treatment with a sustainable character. Our goal is to disconnect the industry from the drinking water network and achieve 100% water circularity within the industry. We also want to ensure that drinking water continues to be available worldwide at all times.

  • Process water for industry
  • Drinking water worldwide

Process water for industry – best fit-for-purpose

As one of our customers, Ekopak provides you with the best ‘fit-for-purpose’ solution between recycled process water and production processes. We get to work based on an audit that we carry out together: and not only do we identify solutions, but we also optimize your current systems and installations.

The supply of sustainable, recycled water.

Totally care-free water treatment: from installation to maintenance.

Solutions for improving your existing installations: innovative, tailor-made technologies.

Totally carefree water management with ‘Water-as-a-Service’

Looking for totally carefree management of your water? Then we invite you to get to know our Water-as-a-Service® (WaaS) package, a service tailor-made for companies. Through WaaS, you can be sure of always having water of optimum quality that is produced sustainably.

Containerized solution

Our water treatment installations are installed at the customer’s site. If you don’t have the required infrastructure to do so, you can opt for our ‘containerized’ solution. This compact solution allows for a quick and efficient setup of the installation at Ekopak’s headquarters. The container is then easily transported to the customer, where minimal assembly is required. These modular water treatment installations can be implemented quickly all over the world.

Mobile ‘R&D On Tour’ test lab

Are you familiar with Ekopak’s mobile ‘R&D On Tour’ test lab? Through our mobile test lab, we can conduct water research and pilot tests directly at the customer’s site. Based on the results, we then decide which technologies are best suited for bringing the water up to the level of process water.

Reduce. Reuse. Revalue.

Companies – especially in water-intensive sectors such as food, textiles, pharma, and chemicals – are forced to find a sustainable solution. They risk facing a blue-out: running out of water at critical times. Ekopak offers concrete solutions to reduce water consumption, purify wastewater and recycle it into ultrapure water. This is done under the motto ‘Reduce. Reuse. Revalue’, which results in the constant availability of water, which is vital for many businesses.


We make it possible to save millions of litres of water. This is interesting for companies and private individuals both ecologically and economically.


We design, build and operate water management systems for the reuse of all types of water: rainwater, surface water and wastewater.


We put a lot of effort into research and development, because we can revalue even more water through constant innovation.

Drinking water worldwide thanks to mobile production units

Today, 1 out of 9 people are unable to access safe drinking water at home. This water scarcity affects the health of more than a third of the world’s population. Many isolated areas do not have access to clean water, even though there are often water sources nearby that could be used to produce water. Ekopak aims to improve this situation by providing mobile drinking water units that operate locally.

  • Safe drinking water
    De Ekopak productieunits zetten oppervlaktewater of water van andere bronnen om tot drinkwater.
  • Remote monitoring
    The performance of these units is monitored remotely 24/7 using a satellite link. This connection enables us to detect malfunctions in time and perform preventive maintenance on the installation.
  • Off-grid
    Ekopak production units require no connection to the electricity grid. Solar panels and a wind turbine are used to charge a battery, which powers the entire installation.

It’s not just our commitment to providing drinking water worldwide through our mobile water units. We also work closely with the organisation. Through the Save water, Give water initiative, we encourage our customers to make donations – and in doing so, they provide safe water to families in areas where water is scarce.

Pieter Loose, CEO

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