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Hot summers and water shortages, both local and more widespread, foolish water wastage and ever-increasing bills… Your company too runs the risk of experiencing a ‘blue-out’. We look for alternative water sources, so that as little traditional tap water as possible is needed for your production process. These alternative water sources are more sustainable and cheaper. As a result, the average water costs for your company are guaranteed to drop by 30 to 40%. And you have a guaranteed water supply all the time. That, in a nutshell, is WaaS.
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Customised for companies

  • Water-as-a-Service® (WaaS) is a service tailored to companies.
  • Your company can rest assured that it will always have water of optimal quality, produced in a sustainable way. We guarantee this by combining innovative technologies and alternative water sources on site.
  • With Water-as-a-Service (WaaS), you only pay for the actual litres of water consumed.

A carefree service, from A to Z

With WaaS, we take care of everything: there is always a water supply and you do not need to employ your own staff to implement or monitor our systems. Our own R&D engineers and highly qualified technicians take care of the development, construction and 24/7 monitoring. Of course, we are happy to work together with your managers who are responsible for production and water treatment. Our integrated approach guarantees a sustainable and cost-effective customised solution at an affordable leasing rate


You don’t have to do anything. We design, build and operate the plant for the production, treatment and recycling of water at your company. This guarantees optimal water security for your production.


No investment required! Through a leasing formula, you only pay for the supplied cubic metres of recycled and treated water. Our technicians do everything, so you are not burdened with additional staff costs.

Quick Start

There is no need to panic. Ever. WaaS can install a water supply solution in your company within 24 hours. We then develop it further to suit your company – in close consultation with your production managers.

Innovative technologies

WaaS applies the innovative technologies of reverse osmosis, ultra filtration and electrode ionisation to remove bacteria and other particles from the available water. The result? 90% to 100% of the pathogens disappear from the water, so you can use it in your production process without any problems.

Why choose Water-as-a-Service for your company

With WaaS you get an innovative water management solution specifically tailored to your company. Short term: water treatment in a quick-start container within 24 hours following your request. Long term: a complete customised service – design, construction, operation and 24/7 monitoring. You can count on our integrated total approach everywhere, because WaaS works globally.

Since 2020, Ekopak has saved around 10 mio m³ of city water with its ‘Water-as-a-Service’ installations.


m³ city water saved
since 2020


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Do you want a guaranteed water supply for your business processes at all times

Discover all the advantages of WaaS.

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