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Water treatment services

Ekopak provides the service, approach and products to keep your water treatment in tip-top shape, precisely tuned to your needs and the quality of your cooling water. Our engineers visit you regularly to carry out analyses and to guide you towards optimum water quality.

Treatment of cooling water and feed water

By using water as a cooling agent, industrial cooling systems are susceptible to corrosion and deposits of mineral and organic origin. This can negatively affect the operational safety and efficiency of your installation. That is why we keep the quality of your feed water and cooling water at the right level and treat them appropriately

Treatment of boiler water and feed water

Increased pressure and temperature in steam boilers and hot-water systems can cause corrosion and deposits. This negatively affects the operational safety and efficiency of the installation. Examples of issues you may encounter include heat loss, production loss and technical damage. This is why it is important that feed water and boiler water are of good quality and that they are treated efficiently.

Process water

Whether as a coolant, process fluid, solvent or means of transport, just about every company uses water. We call these different types of water process water. Companies increasingly want access to alternative sources for process water, such as surface water, groundwater, sea water and waste water. The reason for this shift is the rising cost of tap water and waste-water treatment. Entirely geared to your needs and requirements and the available water source, we apply the necessary water treatment solution to achieve usable process water or to reuse it – always in accordance with the legislation.

Corrosion control

Besides aesthetic damage and direct costs, corrosion leads to enormous functional and production losses. Corrosion is often misunderstood and is therefore so difficult to control. Even within one and the same production unit, there are a wide variety of process conditions, types of installations and equipment. As a result, there are many types of corrosion and corrosion mechanisms to deal with.

The Corrosion Control Technology Alliance is a Dutch-Belgian coalition of independent, renowned specialists of which Ekopak is a member. They pool their knowledge and join forces to achieve an efficient and constructive solution for your corrosion problem.

Ultra filtration

Ultra filtration is a technique which we use to remove bacteria and viruses from water. This is done by forcing water under a pressure of at least 2 bar through a membrane with a pore size between 20 nm and 0.1 micron. The result? Viruses and bacteria get stuck to the membrane and are filtered from the water.

Legionella prevention

Drinking water and tap water can become infected with the legionella bacteria, responsible for Legionnaires’ disease and Pontiac fever. Infection in humans occurs by breathing in water droplets contaminated with legionella from, for example, a shower or fountain, after which legionella gets into the windpipe or lungs. Ekopak specialises in custom water treatment and ensures that, among other things, Legionella has no chance to develop in your pipes.


From drinking water to water for industrial applications, Ekopak offers various solutions to disinfect your water. After a thorough analysis of your needs we provide the appropriate technologies and products to eliminate pathogenic organisms. This prevents legionella and other types of microbiological contamination.

Corrosion control

Corrosion can lead to impure water. The iron particles that settle on the walls of pipes as a result of corrosion are the perfect breeding ground for the legionella bacteria, among others. So it is best to avoid corrosion in pipes. Do you need help to remove the bacteria from your pipe system or to prevent them from settling in your pipes altogether? Ekopak is happy to assist you.

For your industry as well

Ekopak can help many companies improve their in-house sustainable water management. Below you will find three industries in which we are very active. Do you have a completely different activity, but would you like to see what we can do for you? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Ekopak produces suitable water in accordance with the legislation for the food industry. Depending on the existing water source and your requirements we apply the necessary water treatment processes to achieve usable process water or to reuse it. Through reverse osmosis and other systems Ekopak takes care of water production for specific purposes, such as brewing water, process water and flushing water.

Ekopak provides safe and reliable water disinfection systems and offers secure monitoring to guarantee optimum water quality at all times. Following a thorough analysis of your requirements, we eliminate all pathogenic organisms using the appropriate technologies and products. Always in accordance with the strict guidelines for water quality in the medical sector.
We also provide a complete solution against legionella and other types of microbiological contamination.

Ekopak specialises in industrial water treatment and offers the perfect solution for every industrial water application. We provide good-quality feed water, boiler water and cooling water. By means of electro deionisation this can be done in an extremely reliable, efficient and environmentally-friendly way. We also install and keep your machinery, equipment and installations in good condition. We guarantee optimum reliability and high efficiency of your installation in a cost-efficient manner.

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