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Ekopak News Splash 2.

We take you along our journey with our Ekopak News Splash. Get the latest updates on our company, our projects, and water related news. Let’s dive in 👇

Clarebout is one of the world’s leading producers of frozen potato products for private labels. A few weeks ago, Ekopak was able to start building its new process water plant in Warneton. This WaaS plant combines the most advanced filtration technologies to produce 1.5 million m³ of sustainable process water per year, that can be used in the production.

Clarebout will be able to significantly reduce its water footprint with this installation.

WaaS container at Clarebout, Warneton
Ekopak plant at Tialoc, Lier

Project for Tialoc – Lier, BE

The Belgian company DWS has been part of Global Water & Energy for several years, and thereby also of the Ekopak Group. DWS delivered a complex multi fuel SKID for up to 5 different gaseous and liquid fuels and waste streams for Tialoc located in Lier.

This SKID was delivered to Indaver’s site in Belgium as part of the P2C project, where Indaver will recycle 65k tonnes of plastic annually. A project that fits perfectly into DWS’ vision of working towards a more circular economy with a focus on renewable energy.

Start-up at Heineken – Den Bosch, NL

Heineken is a beer brewery from the Netherlands, which operates in 192 countries. 
Global Water & Energy (GWE) is a loyal partner and provides Heineken with several wastewater treatment plants around the world.

After the success of the Anubix™-T reactors at the Heineken breweries in the USA and the UK, it is now up to Den Bosch in the Netherlands. Due to ever-increasing energy recovery in breweries, wastewater is getting colder. The tall Anubix™-T reactors at Den Bosch are specially designed for the low-temperature fermentation of colder wastewater.

World Water Day

World Water Day is held every year on March 22. It draws attention to the 2.2 billion people who don’t have access to safe water, and focuses on taking action to deal with the global water crisis.

On its own, Europe consumed around 286 billion m³ of water in 2020, 45% of these water withdrawals went to the industry (excluding agriculture). Ekopak wants to help these companies by fully engaging in innovative water recycling technologies.

This year, World Water Day is dedicated to water for prosperity and peace, aiming to generate sustainable water management.

Poster of Water for Peace


The new cycling season is off to a full start! Did you know that we are a proud shirt sponsor of the Soudal Quick-Step cycling team and the women’s team AG insurance Soudal (both named “The Wolfpack”)? 

Water is not only essential for nature and everyday life, but also for sports performance. Patrick Lefevere, CEO of Soudal Quick-Step, highlights the value of the collaboration with Ekopak, remarking that both parties strive for international growth and want to be an example in sustainability.

Picture 2 cyclists Soudal Quick-Step Pro Cycling Team
Photos: Wout Beel

22 March 2024  World Water Day
25 March 2024  Publication of financial results full year 2023
5 April 2024  Publication Annual Integrated report 2023