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  • Vynova signs a multi-million contract with Ekopak.

Vynova signs a multi-million contract with Ekopak to make entire process water plant in Tessenderlo more sustainable.

Vynova will team up with Ekopak for the renewal of a water plant on their site in Tessenderlo. Vynova is an international chemical company active in the production of PVC and chlor-alkali products, which are used, among others, in the construction, medical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

“Constant quality and reliability of process water is crucial for a chemical company,” says Dimitri Wouters, site manager of Vynova Belgium. “With Ekopak, we can also add the sustainability aspect. For example, thanks to the new plant’s membrane technology, we will soon be able to produce demineralised water without needing groundwater, we will reduce our waste streams and lower our site’s ecological footprint.” 

Ekopak will build and install a demineralisation plant that will supply the Vynova site in Tessenderlo with over one million cubic metres of pure and sustainable process water per year.
The works will start in June 2021 and the delivery of the plant is planned for the third quarter of 2022.

With this project, Ekopak and Vynova confirm the importance of sustainable process water for the entire chemical industry. “We help companies achieve their sustainability goals,” says Pieter Loose, CEO of Ekopak. “Water is precious. Our innovative plants recycle, revalue and optimise water from alternative water sources. By doing so, we reduce the company’s water footprint. This results in a recurrent ecological and economic saving.”

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