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We take you along our journey with our Ekopak News Splash. Get the latest updates on our company, our projects, and water related news. Let’s dive in 👇

Logo ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal as reference client – Ghent, BE

We are proud to announce a long term agreement with ArcelorMittal, a leader in the steel industry, to enhance the water treatment process at their plant in Ghent (BE). ArcelorMittal uses canal water to produce its process water for their activities at the plant in Ghent. Over the past years, it was however clearly noticeable that climate change has a substantial impact on the quality of the canal water, also requiring a modified treatment strategy of this canal water. ArcelorMittal has therefore chosen Ekopak to implement an additional treatment to ensure a consistent and high-quality supply of process water.

Water treatment plant NX Filtration – Hengelo, NL

We are currently making significant progress in the construction of the water treatment installation at NX Filtration’s new headquarters in Hengelo. The project consists of two phases; wastewater treatment by de-ironing + RO and surface water treatment with NX membranes itself. 
This is not the first collaboration with NX Filtration. NX Filtration’s membrane technology for pure water has been successfully implemented at our installation at d’Arta in 2023. Additionally, these membranes were incorporated in pilot tests for the Waterkracht project in Antwerp.

Waterzuiveringsinstallatie bij NX Filtration
Presentatie van Global Water & Energy en Ekopak in het kantoor van Asahi.

Joint presentation for Asahi Brewery – Tokyo

We had the pleasure of presenting our innovations in (waste) water treatment to Asahi, a major Japanese beer brewery, at the famous Asahi Building in Tokyo. 

Global Water & Energy presented its proven track record in helping breweries worldwide reduce their water footprint by focusing on wastewater recovery. Ekopak was pleased to introduce its AI approach towards optimising the Total Cost of Ownership of Water Reuse Plants by applying Ekopak Insights, and Digital Twins. 

Parliamentary visit to Ekopak installation at Takeda

The Flemish Parliament organised an interparliamentary conference on circular economy for different members of the parliament across Europe.

As part of this circular economy, we were pleased to be selected as one of the companies to help host this event. We welcomed over 40 members of Parliament at our client Takeda in Lessines (Belgium). We highlighted the successful collaboration with Takeda, shared some best practices and gave the attendees a guided tour of this impressive installation. Takeda recycles an astonishing 1 million liters of wastewater per day!

Interparlementaire conferentie  bij Takeda
WaaS containers bij Takeda.

Publication 2nd Half & Full Year 2023 Results

We published our long-awaited results for the 2nd Half and Full Year 2023 on March 25. These results provide an insight into our performance and progress over the past year.

Did you know that AI’s water consumption could reach between 4.2 billion and 6.6 billion cubic meters by 2027, which is about half of what the UK uses per year?
For answering 10 to 50 questions, ChatGPT would use as much water as a 500ml bottle of water, depending on the location and time of the request. 

Ekopak is ready to tackle the challenges of today and of the future.