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Support for your water treatment plant

How do you ensure the proper operation and efficient maintenance of water treatment, purification and recycling facilities at your company? This can only be achieved by working with a partner boasting years of experience in all aspects of support.

Consultancy support

Is your water treatment or recovery installation not working as it should? Or are you looking to improve it or boost its performance? We’re here to help! We examine the water treatment installation and techniques you use, and we propose targeted actions.

You can count on us for

  • Advice to boost performance
  • Advice to boost productivity
  • Advice for regulatory compliance


Ekopak is not connected to any specific brand or manufacturer. We are completely independent. The sole purpose of our consultancy services is to extend the life of your installation.

Membrane support

The reliability and service life of membranes are crucial in your water production processes. You can count on us to keep your water production, treatment or recovery installation in tip-top shape through:

  • the removal and replacement of membranes
  • the recovery of degraded membranes (biofouling, scaling, metals, etc.)
  • the preventive cleaning of membranes

When it comes to membranes, our selection procedure is very strict. We only use membranes from the major manufacturers. Moreover, we only use original chemicals for cleaning. Everything is thoroughly tested and future-proof.

We offer cleaning services both on-site and off-site. And we monitor operational parameters 24/7.

Ion exchange support

Ekopak is familiar with everything concerning ion exchangers and ion technology, from the basic to the most detailed. Do you want to upgrade your existing systems so that the ion technology used is completely up-to-date? We are your ion partner:

  • from partial to complete installation
  • for the removal and replacement of resins and filters
  • for the recovery of degraded resins (resin filtration and resin defining, removal of organic materials, metals, etc.)
  • including control, examination and repair of vessels and filters for ion exchange (external and internal)
Don’t hesitate to contact us for the supply of all types of resins and resin technologies. We work with all major resin producers. Our experts will also be happy to carry out laboratory research and tests on your behalf.

Operational support

Operational services run smoothly when the knowledge about the most appropriate approach is available. We are happy to tell you about our due diligence and operational expertise, our technical & engineering assistance, and our financial, legal and contractual support. Once you take our advice, we turn it into prompt delivery and installation of replacement parts and products.

Installations run every day. And even the best installations have a lot to endure. That is why preventive maintenance and curative cleaning or replacement are a must. Ask us to stop by!

On-site support

We provide a service on your own site:

  • repair or replacement of all types of equipment and installations
  • cleaning and replacement of all types of water treatment equipment
  • process support

Everything you need for the start-up of your installation

Are you commissioning a brand-new water treatment or purification installation? We offer start-up services. We arrange, adjust and tackle even the smallest of teething problems.

Would you like us to train your operators? Or maybe you would like us to lend you a hand with the logistics? Are you thinking of outsourcing certain services? Or do you have no time to look for spare parts? Contact us and we will offer you a solution.

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