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Ekopak France secures first major WaaS contract with TotalEnergies

Ekopak (EKOP:xbru), an ESG-driven company specializing in decentralized, circular water solutions, wins its first major Water-as-a-Service (WaaS) project with TotalEnergies in France.

The Tour de France is in full progress, but in the meantime Ekopak France is working on its own Tour de France. In recent months, the company has scored several projects with EDF, Borealis, France Evaporation and SNCF, among others. Ekopak France is now also proud to announce that it has won its first major WaaS project in France.

It involves a sustainable water project at TotalEnergies in Grandpuits. Via the Water-as-a-Service model, Ekopak will relieve the customer of their water use needs for a contract period of 15 years. The installation will be commissioned in 2024 and will make a significant contribution to Ekopak’s WaaS results from the 2024 fiscal year.

In addition, the Ekopak team scored a one-off project (non-WaaS) for a battery plant in the north of France. Ekopak will provide this newly built plant with a complete process water installation. This project will contribute to Ekopak France’s results in 2023.

Plan Eau

On March 30, 2023, French President Emmanuel Macron presented his “Plan Eau”, which aims to meet the challenges of climate change and ensure that everyone has year-round access to good quality water. Macron’s water plan includes 53 measures for efficient water management. 

This plan supports the industry on its way to a circular economy and sustainable water management. It encourages companies to recycle industrial water. Ekopak plays an important role in this as a sustainable water supplier and positions itself strongly in the market through its long-standing expertise in water reuse.

“Ekopak France is moving forward at lightning speed. Due to the ongoing drought in France and President Macron’s ‘Plan Eau’, water recycling is a very hot topic. We are looking forward to launching these new projects. With this we are one step closer to achieving our goal of fully converting the industry to sustainable water.”- Franky Cosaert – CEO Ekopak France

Water-as-a-Service (WaaS)

Water-as-a-Service (WaaS) is a customized service for companies. Through this business model, the customer is completely unburdened. Ekopak takes care of the development, construction, maintenance and 24/7 monitoring of the water installation. The company does not need to employ its own technical staff. The customer rents the installation from Ekopak for a fixed period of minimum 10 years and pays per liter of water consumed.

About Ekopak

Ekopak is an ESG driven company that markets circular water solutions. Ekopak’s solutions offer industrial customers the opportunity to significantly reduce their water consumption from the water mains network in a sustainable, dependable, and cost-effective manner. To this end, Ekopak focuses on optimising water consumption with container water treatment units that convert off-grid water sources, such as rainwater, surface water, and/or waste water into purer water that can be used and reused in the customer’s industrial processes.

All Ekopak shares are listed on Euronext Brussels (ticker EKOP).

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About Ekopak France

Ekopak France was founded in August 2021 with the aim of further expanding Ekopak into the French market and meeting the high demand for sustainable water installations. Meanwhile, sites in Lyon and Rouen are running at full capacity. An additional site in Pithiviers was added in 2022 through the acquisition of French company H2O Production.

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