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Continuous improvement in sustainable water use

Our WaaS business model positively impacts all Ekopak’s sustainability pillars: it is the most effective way in which Ekopak can help save cubic meters of drinking water, ensure the safety of their clients’ water supply, and invest in the team that drives Ekopak’s innovation. We install the decentralized water supply for our client but retain ownership and management over it. Our client can disconnect from the central grid without the worry of having to maintain the source.

The business model is advantageous for Ekopak’s clients on different levels:

  1. Clients only pay for the water they consume, without the upfront investment in the water supply.
  2. Clients don’t need to invest in the skills and knowledge necessary for the management of the supply.
  3. Retaining ownership of the decentralized supply also offers Ekopak more opportunities to keep adjusting, optimizing, and customizing it, and as a result keep improving the sustainable water use of their clients.

We can do whatever it takes to keep the source running as efficiently as possible with the least amount of chemicals. We can also properly assess whether we choose membranes or another technology, and with WaaS we can always implement new techniques or technologies as they are developed.

Joost Van der Spurt – CTO

Water as a Service at Takeda Lessines

By disconnecting from the water grid, Takeda Lessines reduces its water footprint and increases water availability without compromising its process continuity. At this facility 600,000 m³ of water – 90% of the site’s entire freshwater consumption – is recycled and reused in manufacturing, meeting all the strict quality requirements in the process.

With WaaS, Ekopak takes care of everything: there is always a continuous water supply, and the client does not need to employ its own staff to implement or monitor the systems. Ekopak’s R&D engineers and highly qualified technicians manage the development, construction and 24/7 monitoring. Of course, Ekopak is happy to work with the client’s managers who are responsible for water treatment. Our integrated approach guarantees a sustainable and cost-effective customized solution at an affordable leasing rate.