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Annual Report

Interview with our CEO

Welcome to Ekopak’s Integrated Report 2023

It is our distinct pleasure to present the second integrated annual report for EKopak. Last year’s decision to evolve to Integrated Reporting (IR) reflects the compelling holistic view of how we create and sustain value – both financially, environmentally, and socially.

Sometimes things can move fast, and one must dare to recognise unexpected situations as opportunities.

Pieter Loose CEO

Key Figures of 2023

6.6M 2018
10.2M 2019
9.5M 2020
11.3M 2021
17.7M 2022
36.0M 2023
89% – 11% Ekopak
91%-9% GWE (part of the Ekopak Group since sept. 2023)
70%-30% Management
50%-50% Board of Directors
76%-24% Ekopak Group
241 Total Ekopak Group
78% Europe
22% Outside Europe
32% WaaS Segment
115% Non-WaaS Segment
103% Total Segment
65% WaaS Segment
12% Non-WaaS Segment

If you’d like to help us broaden our perspective on our company and its impact, we welcome your insights, thoughts, opinions, feedback, and other critical reflections via