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Responsible Asset Management

The impact of Ekopak’s own operations is small compared to the difference we make for our clients’ impact. Still, we also want the improvement of our own footprint to stay at par with the evolution of society. Our focus is on our buildings and our mobility, as we aim to reduce our negative impact on CO2 emissions, air pollution, water, energy, and waste.

A new sustainable home for Ekopak

To accommodate our growth, Ekopak quite literally needs more space. At this moment Ekopak is drafting the plans and conducting the feasibility study for the BREAAM and WELL certification of its new building.


The new headquarters offer us an excellent opportunity to not only improve our impact on our immediate surroundings, but also develop a sustainable environment where our Eko-wolfpack can thrive in their shared mission.


(Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the certification method for a sustainably built environment: the method provides guidelines not only in terms of energy or water, but across the board by also considering the used materials, waste, facility management, and impact on health and wellbeing.

The WELL Building Standard

is an international standard for buildings that positively impact its users’ health and wellbeing. It describes specific criteria on the topic of 10 concepts: air, water, food, light, movement, thermal comfort, acoustics, materials, wellbeing, and community.

Green Mobility

The way our Eko-wolfpack travels to work contributes to our world’s CO2 and air pollution. That is why this pillar calls for the electrification of our car fleet and raised awareness about alternative means of transportation among our employees.


If more employees use alternatives to the car, the impact on our world will be smaller and we will contribute to reducing the harmful effects of climate change.