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Ekopak will produce circular process water for TotalEnergies through Waterkracht

Ekopak is going to purify household wastewater into process water for the Antwerp sites of TotalEnergies through Waterkracht, the joint venture between Ekopak, PMV and water-link. TotalEnergies today signed a long-term agreement with water-link for the supply of sustainable process water for its industrial sites in Antwerp. The water will come from the Waterkracht project, in which Ekopak is the proud technology provider.

TotalEnergies substantially reduces the pressure on freshwater resources.

The contract between water-link and TotalEnergies is an important milestone in the Waterkracht project. Waterkracht aims to produce and supply around 20 billion liters of circular process water annually in the Port of Antwerp from 2025 onwards.

The agreement makes TotalEnergies the largest customer for the circular process water. Annually, it involves 9 billion liters of circular process water, the equivalent of the water use of 280,000 inhabitants.

A few months ago, we were proud to announce the Waterkracht project and the construction of our new water recycling plant. We are pleased that the interest is high and many companies want to join this sustainable water story. With TotalEnergies as a new customer there is a good chance that the targeted production volume of 20 billion liters per year will be exceeded.
— Pieter Loose, CEO Ekopak.

About waterkracht

Waterkracht, an initiative that is part of securing the supply of water, is a collaboration between water-link, Ekopak, PMV and Aquafin. These parties are joining forces to reuse the treated wastewater from Antwerp households as process water for companies in the port of Antwerp.

Ekopak will build and operate the new water recycling plant on the NextGen site in Antwerp. On the one hand, the new water treatment plant will provide surrounding companies with high-quality and sustainable process water. On the other hand, the water treatment plant will play an important role in Waterkracht, where the purified waste water supplied will be processed into cooling water for the port.

Water-link will provide a new pipe distribution network and ensure that the process water reaches the customer.