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Ekopak France gets off to a flying start

Not too long ago we announced the founding of Ekopak France with the aim of further expanding into the French market and meeting the high demand for sustainable water installations. In the meantime, Ekopak France is moving forward at a rapid pace and the 2 branches in Lyon and Rouen are operating at full speed.

After several projects at EDF, Weylchem and Solvay, for example, a reference contract was recently concluded with chemical company Borealis France. Ekopak will expand their current production capacity, using the latest sustainable techniques. Together, Borealis and Ekopak strive for a sustainable and circular future.

In addition to the sale of this installation, Ekopak France will, as in Belgium, continue to focus on the increasingly popular Water-as-a-Service segment.

We are proud of these first projects. We aim to build an equivalent customer portfolio like Ekopak Belgium, if not bigger!

— Patrick Parfondry – CEO Ekopak France

Be sure to keep an eye on us for further updates!

See you soon,
The Ekopak Team